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Moseley Madness

For those Mad for William Moseley!

Mad About William Moseley? Come Join!
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<< •°Moseley Madness °• >>

Made especially for those who are MAD about William Moseley!

Moseley_Madess is a community for those who want to post ANYTHING related to William Moseley. COuld be him, his characters, his films, his co-stars.. Anything. And it's your choice what kind of things to post. Can be graphics, fan fictions, video's, pictures, news.. etc.

•°RULES °•

Absoutely NOTHING negative about Mr William Moseley, or ANYTHING related to him in ANY way.
• If your posting anything long, please put it behind a cut, and just show other posters what it's about.
• No fighting or rudeness towards other members
Absolutely NO stealing of other people's graphics, or anything they post without their permission.
• If you take ANY graphic of another members, CREDIT them.
• If you have any questions, just message me thenarnianqueen and i'll be happy to help.

Join, and enjoy the community!

•°Your Moderator °•


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•°Wanna Affiliate? °•

Just e-mail me at thenarnianqueen@googlemail.com Link Us </b>°•

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